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June 30, 2010

Stop Philip Morris International's Use of Popular Argentinean Bands to Target Youth!

Philip Morris International’s Argentina subsidiary, Massalin Particulares, is promoting Philip Morris cigarettes to young people via a nationwide “Iron Friends” concert series during June and July 2010. The promotional campaign involves extensive advertising online and in stores; prizes attractive to young people, e.g. an autographed guitar, iPods, and meetings with the bands; and free cigarette pack distribution at concerts. Argentinean youth are calling on the participating bands, which are very popular with young people in Argentina, to show they care about their fans by going “tobacco industry-free.” Click here for more information

Take Action: Sign a global petition urging the bands to end their ties to the tobacco industry!

June 09, 2010

Globally, Tobacco Kills Every 6 Seconds: PMI Stop the Killing!

On May 12, youth advocates demonstrated outside and inside Philip Morris International's annual meeting in NYC. For more information about the event, including photos and transcripts of statements made inside the meeting, click here.

April 29, 2009

May 5: International Day of Action to Counter Philip Morris International's Global Expansion!

The GYAT Network and the Framework Convention Alliance are cosponsoring an international day of action (IDA) the day of PMI's inaugural shareholder meeting in New York City. Many GYATers around the world are participating!

For more information about the IDA and how to get involved click here.

Business Week: Philip Morris' Global Race

Business Week has an excellent cover story article (May 4, 2009) about the Philip Morris International and its CEO and the "battle lines" that are being drawn in the latest stage of the company's aggressive global expansion. Kudos to GYATer Dina Kania (Indonesia) for getting profiled in the article! For more information about Dina's involvement in the youth advocacy events around the 2007 Altria meeting, clickhere.

March 18, 2009

GYAT meeting at WCTOH!

GYAT members and potential new members from around the world gathered at the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Mumbai, India.

It was exciting to hear from partners around the world, and to brainstorm together about the future of the GYAT network.  GYATers - stay tuned and check your email, we'll be in touch soon to follow-up and keep this important conversation moving forward!

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GYAT Posters at the WCTOH!

Check out the GYAT posters at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Mumbai, India.

The GYAT had two poster presentations, one focusing on the GYAT delegation cross-border partnership between U.S. GYAT members and GYAT members in Lucknow, India.  GYATers Bobby Ramakant, Nicole Sutton, Andy Berndt, and Holly Aprea contributed to this presentation.

The second poster focused on the GYAT Network overall.  Anna, Andy, and Holly helped to collect photos and updates from GYATers around the world to share examples of youth advocacy and share the GYAT's mission.


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February 28, 2009

GYAT Delegation to India from Catalyst Movement on Vimeo.

Getting ready to travel to India for the GYM 2009 and the 2009 WCTOH?

Then watch the GYAT India video. Whether you're watching it for the first time, or your in it, you'll enjoy every moment of this collaboration between GYATers form both India and the U.S.

And if you've never been to India, this video is a great way to get a sneak preview. This video takes place primarily in Lucknow and Agra, not Mumbai, and the three cities are all very different, but at least it will introduce you to some of the tobacco control efforts in India, and some of the GYAT members you will meet.



Global Youth Advocacy Training on Tobacco - GYAT 2006 from Catalyst Movement on Vimeo.

Blast from the past: watch the GYAT 2006 video!

Everyone loves the GYAT video, right? What better way to get re-energized and ready to meet up with new and old GYAT members at the 2009 WCTOH!

Take a look at where the GYAT began!


February 27, 2009

Look for the GYAT Network Banner at the WCTOH

GYAT members and supporters - please watch for the GYAT banner at the WCTOH. GYAT members will be carrying this banner during the 10 March 2009 walkathon to support smoke-free Mumbai, and smoke-free public places worldwide.

Delegates will walk from National Centre for the Performing Arts (the conference venue) and this walk will culminate at CCI (cricket club). Please visit for further details regarding these advocacy events. More information about specific times and meeting points for the walkathon should be posted soon.

We'll also post the banner at the 11 March 2009 GYAT networking session as part of the conference-wide networking event from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the East Lawns CCI, Churchgate, Mumbai. This will be immediately following the youth march and symbolic bonfire that will be held at the same venue. Look for the GYAT banner at that event as well!

If you'll be at the WCTOH please come out and show your support for the GYAT and for global youth advocacy. GYAT members will be available to share more information about the network and how to become a member.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Youth Advocacy-Related Sessions & Events at the WCTOH
Note: all people mentioned are GYAT members who will be presenting and/or who contributed to the presentation

March 9

Oral Session: Marketing and New Products
Location: Trident – Rooftop
Cross-Border Campaign to End Tobacco Sponsorship of a U.S. Jazz Singer's Concert in Indonesia (Dina Kania/Anna White)

March 10

Wear an Orange Ribbon Today to Support Youth Advocacy!

Poster Session: Youth Advocacy
Time: 10:00-10:30, 13:00-13:30, and 15:00-15:30
Location: AC Hangar at the Parking lot of NCPA
▪ Taking the Lead: Youth activism in South America (Veronica Sandler)
▪ The Need to Encourage More Teenagers as "Volunteers Against Tobacco Smoking" (VATS) in the Developing World (Seye Omiyefa)
▪ Tobacco Control Activism amongst the Youth in Ghana (Labram Musah Massawudu)
▪ Youth Rising Up: The Global Youth Action on Tobacco Network (Holly Aprea/Anna White)
▪ Global Youth Action on Tobacco: Cross-Border Collaboration in Lucknow, India (Holly Aprea/Bobby Ramakant/Nicole Sutton/Anna White)

Also, at same time, in the "Tobacco Industry Monitoring" section:
▪ The Tobacco Industries are Killing Millions to Make Billions (Gbenga Adejuwon)

Oral Session: Youth Advocacy, Attitude, and Media
Time: 15:30 – 16:30
Location: NCPA- East Room 1
▪ Smokefree at Work Youth Advocacy Pilot Program (in Algeria and Tunisia) (Sylvana Rochet Belleri)

Youth Press Event for Strong Global Implementation of the FCTC

: 16:00-17:00
Location: TBD
Organized by: HRIDAY, Salaam Bombay Foundation; Endorsed by the GYAT Network

Walkathon for Smoke-Free Public Places
me: 17:00-17:30
Location: NCPA to Cricket Club of India (CCI)
Organized by: HRIDAY, Salaam Bombay Foundation; Endorsed by the GYAT Network

Symbolic Bonfire to Support Tobacco Control Advocacy
(on the eve of Holi)
Time: 17:30-18:30
Location: Cricket Club of India (CCI)
Organized by: HRIDAY, Salaam Bombay Foundation; Endorsed by the GYAT Network

WCTOH Networking Event
Time: 19:00-21:00
Location: Cricket Club of India (CCI)

GYAT members will be available to chat with WCTOH attendees interested in learning more about GYAT and discussing how to integrate youth into their tobacco control advocacy campaigns

March 11

Panel Discussion 8: Global Youth Against Tobacco
Time: 15:30-16:30
Location: See conference program
Participants: Monika Arora (moderator), Holly Aprea (panelist)

Oral Session: Countering Target Marketing
Time: 15:30-16:30
Location: NCPA - Little Theatre
▪ Killer Quotes! Using Tobacco Industry Documents to Create an Interactive Campaign (Holly Aprea)
▪ REAL Girl Talk Campaign: Counter-marketing for the tobacco industry’s focus on teenage girls (Nicole Sutton)
▪ US Advocates Responses to Camel No. 9 and THE FARM (Miranda Wang/April Kusper)

March 12

Closing Plenary
Time: 12:00-13:00
Will include overview of youth activities conducted March 6-12

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Check out this Global Youth Action on Tobacco powerpoint!

Here's a presentation Anna and Holly put together. Parts of it will be presented at the 2009 WCTOH.

This presentation provides an overview of youth action around the world fighting against the tobacco industry and in favor of effective tobacco control policies.

The presentation shares key examples form youth leaders around the world and illustrates the critical contributions of youth to the global tobacco control movement.


February 26, 2009

Wear orange to support youth advocacy!

GYATers will be wearing and handing out orange ribbons for people to wear at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health and the Global Youth Meet 2009. Please find a GYATer to get your ribbon, and to help put the ribbons together and hand them out to others at the conference.

This will be part of a larger effort to continue building support for youth advocacy as a critical part of the global tobacco control movement.

Don't forget, wear your orange ribbons in Mumbai to show your support!


Tell YOUR youth advocacy story!

We know that the most effective long term strategy for reducing youth smoking rates at the population level is not youth education but the implementation of comprehensive tobacco control policies.

Today’s youth, the largest generation in history, are uniquely positioned to advocate for such policies. As the primary target of the global tobacco industry and as symbols of “the future,” the voices of youth carry special moral clarity.

Youth possess numerous attributes of value to the tobacco control movement:
  • the ability to discreetly monitor tobacco advertising, promotions, and sponsorships targeting young people;
  • creative and novel ideas for advocacy tactics and strategies;
  • the ability to mobilize large numbers of peers for activities;
  • flexibility of time;
  • familiarity with new social networking technologies; and
  • energy, enthusiasm, passion and unbridled idealism.
We know this, but it's time to share that story with the entire tobacco control community at the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Mumbai, India.

GYAT members from around the world will be sharing their stories, and will be sharing the palm cards above. Here's what you can do to help:

  1. Please find Holly at the WCTOH and GYM 2009 to pick up some blank cards.
  2. As you attend sessions at the conferences, and hear youth and adults talking about the contributions youth advocates are making to support policy change, ask them to share their story on the back of the card.
  3. Collect the card when they are done, and return it to Holly.
  4. If you are not attending the WCTOH or GYM 2009, and you want to share your story about the valuable contributions of youth to support policy change, please respond to this blog or email us at


GYAT at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health

The World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH), and the Global Youth Meet 2009 (GYM 2009), are approaching quickly! Above are the GYAT palm cards that we'll be distributing at the conferences to let people know more about the GYAT Network and how to get involved.

We hope to hold an informal GYAT networking session as part of the conference-wide networking event on 11 March 2009 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the East Lawns CCI, Churchgate, Mumbai. This will be immediately following the youth march and symbolic bonfire that will be held at the same venue.

Please find Holly Aprea at the WCTOH or GYM 2009 to pick up copies of the GYAT palm card (pictured above) so you can help spread the word about the GYAT Network!

There will be a number of GYATers at the WCTOH (8-12 March) and the GYM 2009 (6-7 March). Here is our list so far - please post to the blog with your name, country, and organization if we have somehow left you off of the list (apologies if that is the case!):

  • Algeria: Hedia Hamdi Cherif, Association Ennour/American Cancer Society's Travaillons Sans Fumée program
  • Algeria: Nazim Terkmane, Association Elbadr d’aide aux malades atteints de cancer/ American Cancer Society's Travaillons Sans Fumée program
  • Algeria: Wissam Hachemi, Association Ennour/American Cancer Society's Travaillons Sans Fumée program
  • Argentina: Veronica Sandler, BASTA!
  • Ghana: Labram Musah Massawudu, Vision for Alternative Development
  • India: Aditi Shastri, ACT-India
  • India: Bahar Shoogufan, HRIDAY-SHAN
  • India: Bobby Ramakant, Indian Society Against Smoking
  • Kenya: James Martin Oduor, SocialNEEDS Network
  • New Zealand: Hiria Minnell, Te Reo Marama (+ more)
  • Nigeria: Seye Omiyefa, Nigeria, Youth Action on Tobacco Control and Health
  • Nigeria: Adejuwon Oluwagbenga Johnson, Campaign for Tobacco Free Youths Nigeria
  • Pakistan: Mir Ghulam Murtaza Noonar, Youth Action for Pakistan
  • Tanzania: Sekela Mwambuli, Health Environmental Communication Initiative
  • USA: Ami Valdemoro, American Cancer Society
  • USA: Holly Aprea, Catalyst/American Cancer Society's Travaillons Sans Fumée program/GYAT
  • USA: Nicole Sutton, REAL: Hawaii Youth Movement Exposing the Tobacco Industry
  • USA: Sylvana Rochet-Belleri: American Cancer Society
  • USA/India: Shweta Sharma, Indian Society Against Smoking/Tobacco Kills Newspaper
  • Romania: Adina Mardare, Aer Pur