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February 26, 2009

GYAT at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health

The World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH), and the Global Youth Meet 2009 (GYM 2009), are approaching quickly! Above are the GYAT palm cards that we'll be distributing at the conferences to let people know more about the GYAT Network and how to get involved.

We hope to hold an informal GYAT networking session as part of the conference-wide networking event on 11 March 2009 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the East Lawns CCI, Churchgate, Mumbai. This will be immediately following the youth march and symbolic bonfire that will be held at the same venue.

Please find Holly Aprea at the WCTOH or GYM 2009 to pick up copies of the GYAT palm card (pictured above) so you can help spread the word about the GYAT Network!

There will be a number of GYATers at the WCTOH (8-12 March) and the GYM 2009 (6-7 March). Here is our list so far - please post to the blog with your name, country, and organization if we have somehow left you off of the list (apologies if that is the case!):

  • Algeria: Hedia Hamdi Cherif, Association Ennour/American Cancer Society's Travaillons Sans Fumée program
  • Algeria: Nazim Terkmane, Association Elbadr d’aide aux malades atteints de cancer/ American Cancer Society's Travaillons Sans Fumée program
  • Algeria: Wissam Hachemi, Association Ennour/American Cancer Society's Travaillons Sans Fumée program
  • Argentina: Veronica Sandler, BASTA!
  • Ghana: Labram Musah Massawudu, Vision for Alternative Development
  • India: Aditi Shastri, ACT-India
  • India: Bahar Shoogufan, HRIDAY-SHAN
  • India: Bobby Ramakant, Indian Society Against Smoking
  • Kenya: James Martin Oduor, SocialNEEDS Network
  • New Zealand: Hiria Minnell, Te Reo Marama (+ more)
  • Nigeria: Seye Omiyefa, Nigeria, Youth Action on Tobacco Control and Health
  • Nigeria: Adejuwon Oluwagbenga Johnson, Campaign for Tobacco Free Youths Nigeria
  • Pakistan: Mir Ghulam Murtaza Noonar, Youth Action for Pakistan
  • Tanzania: Sekela Mwambuli, Health Environmental Communication Initiative
  • USA: Ami Valdemoro, American Cancer Society
  • USA: Holly Aprea, Catalyst/American Cancer Society's Travaillons Sans Fumée program/GYAT
  • USA: Nicole Sutton, REAL: Hawaii Youth Movement Exposing the Tobacco Industry
  • USA: Sylvana Rochet-Belleri: American Cancer Society
  • USA/India: Shweta Sharma, Indian Society Against Smoking/Tobacco Kills Newspaper
  • Romania: Adina Mardare, Aer Pur



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